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Fitness Centre Sins – Dropping Weights

By Nipun Liyanage

Almost all sissy fitness centres in Sri Lanka have signs and rules that say “Don’t Drop Weights”. Weights are meant to be dropped. Period. Of course one should heed this advice with caution and be able to drop weights within reason and within safety of others of course. That’s is precisely why there are rubber mats and flooring in these fitness centres. For example, if after your last rep on the deadlift, your hands don’t feel like giving away and dropping that bar, you are not really training. Simple as that.

Also, weights are not glassware and need not be placed so gently. If you need to save energy to place dumbbells so gently on the floor after a heavy set of bench press, then there’s no point in doing that set in the first place. If you do any serious set and train to total exhaustion, you obviously won’t have energy to place them gently but to drop them. In fact and what many people don’t know is that trying to keep heavy dumbbells on the floor gently after most exercises is extremely dangerous and it’s actually inviting injury. Your best bet is to drop them with some control.

Of course, it’s one thing, if you are not allowed to drop dumbbells like Ronnie Coleman but it’s an entirely different thing if you are required to never drop and worse, required to keep them so quietly that they don’t even make a noise. This is precisely what these fitness joints want you do. If you still don’t believe this, just drop some dumbbells and see what happens. On the other hand, if you don’t need to drop dumbbells, then you are a wimp who doesn’t train at all and actually belong and will feel at home in a fitness centre rather than a real and manly gym.

As a footnote, these people are not only time wasters but they waste other people’s time and even oxygen by just being there and take up valuable space too and are a pain in the neck for all those who train seriously. Not to mention, these are the exact people who further ruin the culture and intensity of an already bad fitness centre.

If you want real gains, try finding a gym that doesn’t have these kind of BS rules for you can’t do any real training in these type of sissy joints. But good luck to you because you won’t most probably find any in this country. Worst is that some pathetic fitness centres owned and/or managed by grade A sissies even have rules that dictate you have to actually drop weights and dumbbells without making a noise. How stupider can a rule get more than this? Can anyone actually believe this nonsense? This is obviously more ridiculous and retarded than rules dictating you can’t drop the weights.

First off, what’s bloody wrong with making noise when a plate or dumbbell is dropped on the carpet if it doesn’t even create a thud on the floor let alone shake the floor? Are these sissies really this much scared and offended by a simple loud noise which is an all-natural part of training? Are their loser joints some sort of religious places where noise is prohibited? Why do these places even have rubber mats? Why don’t they actually have the plates and dumbbells made of glass? Then their utter retarded problems would be over, wouldn’t they?

More importantly, these stupid rules simply indicate these fitness centre owners’ utter disregard for the quality of your training and sheer lack of experience and/or knowledge about the nature of basic training with weights. Furthermore, it goes on show to how uneducated, literally and figuratively, they actually are which is not a surprise at all also when considering that the majority fitness centre owners and managers, let alone the instructors, are so poorly educated. They always, without fail, have the attitude of “8th-grade-passed” no-goods and you will be lucky if you can find someone who’s gone beyond their O’ Levels.

On the other hand, it clearly shows they are only there to rip you off of your hard-earned money and nothing else and couldn’t care less if you can actually train and get results. So my question to you is that are these the type of people you want to patronise and more importantly learn from?

In a future article, I will explain in detail the serious science behind why you should in fact drop weights (if allowed at least).

Nipun Liyanage is Sri Lanka's one and only underground bodybuilding and strength and conditioning coach. He is also a Bodybuilding and Nutritional Consultant and Sri Lanka's first and only bodybuilding/fitness writer/blogger. He runs his own bodybuilding consultancy service which is an exclusive and underground Bodybuilding/Fitness Consultancy Service dedicated to serious and devoted bodybuilders, athletes and people only. He has more than 15 years of experience in the Sri Lankan fitness industry, 11 of which is as an underground coach. He could be contacted at

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