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Do you wish you had more energy? You aren’t the only one. From Coffee, to energy drinks like Red Bull, we spend a lot of money every year for that little bit of extra energy to get us through the day and night. The problem is, we tend to rely on things which provide at best, only a temporary boost. At worst, we are ingesting substances that may harm us in known and unknown ways.

Indeed, meditation for increased energy might seem like a paradox. Many people become surprised to learn that meditation, the very best way to calm and focus the mind, is also a highly effective solution for increased energy. However, the very fact that we are expecting our bodies and minds to do more with less than ever before is part of the reason why it does make sense. Here are 6 reasons meditation for energy is so essential.

1. Mismanaged stress and its derivatives are the biggest reason we become tired.

Feeling exhausted at the end of a long day of work is not a new phenomenon. In fact, when our early ancestors spent hours searching for food, (not always being successful either) it is likely they ended up physically exhausted in the process. However, for most people, modern exhaustion is not the same. We often self-create problems in the mind, responding with not so good fight or flight chemical physical reactions — like the release of Cortisol. The good news is, meditation neutralizes how you interact with stress, mentally and physically — with the net result more of all the good things, including energy.

2. Energy boosters have side effects and are short lasting.

Oftentimes people rely on temporary solutions, perhaps drinking another cup of coffee or downing an energy drink to keep going. The problem is that these temporary measures come with the inevitable crash, leaving people just as exhausted, or possibly even more exhausted, as before they took the stimulant. Good thing for you, meditation permanently changes your brain/body in the same way exercise does, providing a long term solution for more energy.

3. Meditation makes you sleep better.

In order to start the day refreshed with a renewed energy supply, sleep is essential. The problem is, people are sleeping less, not more. If you go to bed with increased stress or with the idea that there is much more you still need to do, chances are that you will not get enough sleep. Even if we cannot get the full seven or eight hours recommended, it would make a huge difference if you can sleep without worrying about the next day (meditation fixes both so effectively). Add in the fact that meditation boosts melatonin, a naturally occurring compound so often reduced because of stress, it comes as no surprise that people are able to sleep more soundly, waking up feeling refreshed each morning, with all day lasting energy. All thanks to meditation.

4. Meditation boosts growth hormone and DHEA.

DHEA, best known for providing an overall sense of well-being, is actually a popular ingredient in some of today’s energy boosting supplements. Growth Hormone made you grow when you were young and maintains your tissues and organs today. These two energy linked chemicals both decrease as we age. Luckily, meditation, in the most healthy and natural way, stimulates both of these chemicals’ production, letting you swim in the “fountain of youth” whenever you wish.

5. Meditation deactivates the brain’s stress region.

Meditation can also help in a physically measurable way: it has been proven to decrease activity in the region of your brain that is highly active under duress: the amygdala. What does this mean for you? You can now live with less anxiety, less worry, less stress, and the perfect mental environment for recharging your proverbial batteries.

6. Meditation raises your stress ceiling.

Everyone has a maximum limit for the amount of stress they can handle, and when this limit gets crossed a whole myriad of problems can manifest — from anger, sadness, anxiety, phobias, to addiction and in time, disease. It may come as no surprise that all of these stress derivatives can lower your energy levels. Meditation presents a safe and careful stimulus to the brain, raising the amount of stress that you can mentally and physically handle, helping you deal with it in a much better way. Indeed, meditation makes you incredibly cool, yet full of energy!

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