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Secret and Super Sri Lankan Bodybuilding Food – Part 1

By Nipun Liyanage

In this article, author will discuss a couple of super and secretive food which are really Sri Lankan food that are excellent for bodybuilders. As usual with anything Sri Lankan, these excellent food have been given no value whatsoever by the masses including the “fitness” community, whereas high priority is given to less nutrient food which are popular overseas.

Author describes these as secretive because even those who would eat these food in ample quantities if they knew their value don’t have a clue as to how excellent these food are for their bodybuilding and fitness endeavors. Moreover, these food are relatively inexpensive and easily obtainable. Author however sincerely hopes that after much publicity has been given to these food, their prices won’t skyrocket, eventually making them unaffordable as it is usual when the demand for a product is increased.


Usually considered a “poor man’s” food and “abandoned” by the majority, Manioc is one of the so-called “super” food which is brimful of complex carbohydrates. Not only is this an extremely low-glycemic food choice, it’s also filled with Potassium and Vitamin C which are other “can’t-do-without” food for hard training bodybuilders and athletes. In recent times, Manioc has also been gaining a little bit of popularity, unknown to many still, as an “anti-cancer” food.

Due to their high Folate content, it’s especially good for any women especially expectant and pregnant mothers. Speaking of healthy fertility, Folate is also vital for “expectant” fathers which again makes Manioc a serous super food not just for bodybuilders but these categories of people.

On the other hand, although this a very good source of complex carbohydrate, it’s also relatively low in calories which not only makes it a super bulking food but also a super dieting food for bodybuilders, not to mention its super satiating effects. Many Sri Lankans would find it unbelievable that Manioc is the officially recommended complex carb source for the UK Athletic Team. Many hard training martial art and other athletes in Latin America prefer this food as their main source of energy giving carbohydrates.

However, the stupid Sri Lankan fitness population proudly proclaim to be eating very expensive oats instead of a super food such as this as they claim it’s the “only & best” source of carbs. Even though it is primarily eaten as a breakfast food in Sri Lanka, many countries eat deserts and snacks made of Manioc and its flour.

Brown Rice

Everyone knows the benefits of brown rice but almost nobody knows it’s one of the main sources of complex carbs for professional bodybuilders and athletes around the world. On the other hand, still many professional bodybuilders take white rice as a main source of complex carbs and this goes on to show that it is not as bad as many people claim and/or love to claim.

Nipun Liyanage is Sri Lanka's one and only underground bodybuilding and strength and conditioning coach. He is also a Bodybuilding and Nutritional Consultant and Sri Lanka's first and only bodybuilding/fitness writer/blogger. He runs his own bodybuilding consultancy service which is an exclusive and underground Bodybuilding/Fitness Consultancy Service dedicated to serious and devoted bodybuilders, athletes and people only. He has more than 15 years of experience in the Sri Lankan fitness industry, 11 of which is as an underground coach. He could be contacted at

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